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  • 20/04/2023

Where to find rich kalamkaris sarees online?

Kalamkari, a mesmerizing art form that has captured the imagination of people for ages, is believed to have originated in India centuries ago. It involves intricate hand-painted designs on fabric using natural dyes. Kalamkari sarees are among the most coveted traditional Indian sarees, known for their intricate designs, vibrant colors, and stunning motifs. If you're in the market for a Kalamkari saree, you're in luck! With the rise of e-commerce, you can easily find rich Kalamkari sarees online. But where exactly should you look?

A brief history of Kalamkari Sarees:

The exquisite art of Kalamkari flourished under the generous patronage of the Sultans of the Golconda region, which is how it got its name. The Machilipatnam style of Kalamkari paintings involves the use of intricate block prints and is also known as Pedana Kalamkari, after the quaint town of Pedana near Machilipatnam. This style employs natural vegetable dyes to imprint stunning designs on cloth with the aid of wooden blocks. The creation of Kalamkari paintings is a meticulous process that encompasses up to 23 distinct steps, from inception to completion.

On the other hand, the Srikalahasti style of Kalamkari painting showcases the portrayal of various Hindu deities and scenes from Hindu mythology, including the Puranas, Ramayana, and Mahabharata. This is not surprising, given the proximity of the magnificent and well-known temples in the Golconda region, which have played a pivotal role in nurturing various art forms, including Kalamkari. The name of Kalamkari was not limited to just one, as it was also known by the name Pattachitra, which is still practiced as a comparable art form in the states of Odisha and various other regions of India. The evolution of Kalamkari painting can be traced back to the time when bands of musicians, storytellers, and artists known as Chitrakars wandered from village to village narrating tales from ancient Hindu mythologies, giving birth to this mesmerizing art form.

The captivating tales were given a stunning visual representation by the skilled Chitrakars through their mastery of painting. Using natural dyes derived from plants, they breathed life into these stories on canvas with a spontaneous touch. Taking cues from the intricate carvings and panels adorning ancient Indian temples, they created their art with utmost passion and creativity.

In the medieval period, the art form reached new heights as the Mughals became patrons of this craft in the Coromandel region, bestowing upon its practitioners the name "qualamkars", which later evolved into "kalamkari". In contemporary times, the art form has embraced the digital realm, with new types and techniques emerging and digital files of kalamkari widely used across India.

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When shopping for online Kalamkari sarees, it's important to do your research and read reviews from other customers. This will help you get a sense of the quality of the product and the customer service of the retailer. You should also pay attention to the return policy and shipping options, as these can vary from retailer to retailer. Moreover, Drapemall offers affordable prices without compromising on the quality of the products. So, if “fancy sarees online”,  “printed saree online”, or “silk saree online” is in your recent searches, Drapemall ends your search journey. They also provide excellent customer service, making the shopping experience hassle-free and enjoyable. Drapemall also offers a secure payment gateway and timely delivery, ensuring that every customer receives their saree on time and in perfect condition.

Finally, Drapemall is committed to preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of India through its collection of Kalamkari sarees. Each saree is a work of art, representing the ancient art form of Kalamkari and the skilled craftsmanship of Indian artisans. By purchasing a Kalamkari saree from Drapemall, customers not only get to adorn themselves in a stunning piece of clothing but also contribute to the preservation of India's cultural heritage. In conclusion, if you're looking for rich Kalamkari sarees shopping online, there are many options to choose from. Drapemall is just one of the few of the retailers that specialize in traditional Indian wear, including Kalamkari sarees and encompasses some of the best sarees online. With a little research and some patience, you're sure to find the perfect Kalamkari saree to add to your collection.

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