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Top 20 Fancy sarees to wear in Festival and Wedding Season

Sarees have emerged as an integral part of Indian culture and lifestyle for centuries. They are regarded as the most graceful and attractive form of women's apparel. Their popularity continues to grow, particularly during the festival and wedding seasons. Wearing a saree not only enhances feminine beauty but also honors the rich tapestry of Indian traditions.  

However, it's the best opportunity to explore the world of gorgeous sarees as the fun-filled celebrations are just around the corner. With so many sarees available in the market today, finding the right one for you can be a pleasant yet challenging endeavor. So, here we present to you the top 20 fancy sarees that are great for making a statement during these joyous occasions. 

Kanjeevaram silk sarees originated in Kanjeevaram and are world-famous for the integration of woven silk threads. Our Kanjeevaram silk saree is the way to go if you want to leave an incredible impression in front of people. They are distinguished by their wide range of eye-catching metallic colors and pure silk. These gold and silver zari work sarees are highly sought after and considered the most significant occasional wear for every Indian woman. 

The georgette saree is a great option for a more stylish and contemporary appearance. The fabric has a smooth and silky texture as it is manufactured from high-quality yarns. Georgette sarees are perfect for special occasions, festivals, and wedding seasons because they are frequently adorned with vibrant colors and delicate beadwork or embroidery. Explore the finest collection of georgette sarees at our store! 

Floral print sarees are an evergreen classic that never goes out of trend. These sarees with floral imprints are a breath of fresh air because of their colorful, naturally inspired patterns. They add a sense of freshness and vivacity to your style and are ideal for daytime events or celebrations. You can easily discover an extensive range of designs and color palettes of floral printed sarees, entitling you to upgrade your style. 

Raw Silk sarees are among the most prominent and extensively worn sarees in India. In particular, they have gained fame for their enduring charm and durability. Raw silk sarees come in many different colors and patterns. We also have a variety of Raw silk sarees such as hand dyed, Patola print, Tussar silk weaving, and zari weaving with rich mina weaving Pallu. They are a good fit for both festivals and weddings, presenting a unique and traditional beauty.

Organza sarees are a delightful option for weddings or special occasions because they are sheer and ethereal. Visit us now and get premium organza sarees, including chikankari sarees, soft handprint sarees, embroidery work sarees, and soft & pure organza silk sarees. They frequently have intricate embroidery or embellishments, which adds to their luxurious aesthetic appeal. They are renowned for their majestic and subtle beauty. 

Dola silk sarees are well known for their softness and shiny appearance. Due to their rich appearance and cozy feel against the skin, they are frequently chosen for weddings. We offer you a stunning selection of Dola Silk Sarees that you can select from Dola silk printed sarees, Dola silk with beautiful Pichwai print, Dola silk Bandhani printed sarees, Dola silk Kalamkari print sarees, and Dola silk with Patola print sarees. 

Kalamkari sarees have exquisite hand-painted or block-printed cotton textile design elements. These sarees often highlight historical stories and perspectives, giving your outfit an artistic flair. They are one-of-a-kind and culturally significant fabrics that celebrate India's aesthetic heritage. Order your Kalamkari saree now and enhance your style no matter how you decide to wear them. 

As the name suggests, a net saree is crafted from a delicate net material, which can be either simple or adorned with embroidery, sequins, or beads. Net sarees are frequently worn at social events, weddings, or receptions. They are regarded for their delicate and stylish design, making them a common choice for brides. Our Net saree is a superb choice if you're looking for a fancy, lightweight saree that will allow you to stand out. 

Kota silk sarees are made from a lightweight fabric called Kota, a combination of silk and cotton. These sarees are often embellished with beautiful artwork, making them incredibly fancy. They are ideal for hot summer days because they are very comfortable to drape. If you want to buy a Kota silk saree, get them in various colors and designs online, allowing you to add a luxury touch to your look! 

Linen sarees are cherished for their smoothness and breathability. You can wear a linen saree all year long, and it feels very comfortable against your skin, no matter the weather conditions. They are among the most popular saree drapes because they are resilient, durable, and easier to set up than other weaves. So, find the perfect Linen saree for a stylish yet traditional look! 

The distinctive design of Brasso sarees is made by burning the fabric, which gives them a textured, translucent, and exquisite appearance. We introduce a diverse selection of Brasso print sarees with Chiffon, Organza, and Georgette fabrics. They are a trending selection that is frequently worn with modern blouse patterns. These sarees radiate sophistication and uniqueness to your attire. It can be a wonderful choice for special occasions, receptions, or gatherings. 

The complicated gold and silver brocade work on Banarasi silk sarees makes them everlasting masterpieces. These sarees signify heritage and majesty because of their rich history and culture. They are excellent for weddings and grand festivities because of their thread craftsmanship and intricate designs. Buy these special and stunning Banarasi silk sarees using our free shipping services! 

Chiffon sarees have gained popularity for their elegance and smooth drapes. They exude a soft, sheer fabric that creates a graceful and classy look. At our store, you can find the best chiffon sarees in various hues and designs, ranging from chiffon sequence work sarees to chiffon digital print sarees. It will perfectly suit your style and personality. So, it's time to add a touch of refinement to your attire this festive season. 

People across the globe widely accept cotton silk sarees. These sarees provide the best of both worlds, delivering the comfort of cotton and the sheen of silk. They are lightweight and have a comfy weaving texture, making them great for festivals and weddings. So, experience a variety of cotton silk saree patterns online, ranging from simple to highly woven. 

Sequence work sarees are widely recognized for their sparkle and glamour. We bring you modern sequence work sarees that are available in multiple designs and vibrant colors. They are embellished with tiny sequins that brilliantly capture and reflect light, helping you to be the center of attention. These dazzling sarees are a beautiful choice for evening celebrations, such as festivals and parties. 

Ikkat print sarees exhibit India's diverse textile heritage. They are manufactured using a special weaving process that involves tie-dying the warp or weft threads before weaving them together. Our Ikkat print sarees are adorned with simple but beautiful designs that are visible on both sides of the fabric. Create a unique and stylish look with this special addition to your wardrobe. 

Pattu silk sarees, hailing from Tamil Nadu, are praised for their outstanding weaves and brightly colored fabrics. You can explore the most adorned Pattu Silk Sarees using our online platform. They are traditionally created from highly desirable silk strands that are hand-woven with intricate designs and patterns. They serve as a symbol of South Indian craftsmanship and cultural values.  

Sarees with mirror work are all about sparkle and splendor. Check out our fantastic Mirror Work Sarees that describe fashion, grace, and uniqueness. Adorned with delicate mirror embellishments, they will create a captivating play of light. These sarees are the perfect pick for gatherings where you want to make a bold and shimmering image. 

There are several different types of embroidery sarees, including zari, thread, and beading. We present a wide collection of embroidery sarees with unique designs and embellishments that are most suitable for certain occasions like wedding receptions, festivals, and social gatherings. Be elegant and give your clothing a dash of glitz with sophisticated craftwork. 

Tissue silk sarees are indeed a type of pure silk sarees, as the silk yarn utilized with zari is incredibly fine. The translucent appearance of tissue silk makes it the ideal fabric for modern yet traditional sarees. Our zari woven Tissue silk sarees are extremely lightweight and easy to drape, making them a comfortable choice for extended wear. Express your style with a metallic appearance and a colorful range of Tissue silk sarees!


The global marketplace of sarees is large and diverse, offering an incredible number of possibilities that complement your personality and the occasion. Whether you appreciate the regal Kanjeevaram silk saree, the dreamy organza saree, or the impressive mirror work saree, there is the ideal saree on this list to help you feel and look gorgeous during the festivities and marriages as well.  

It's time to celebrate the aesthetic appeal of Indian tradition and culture through your outfit. So, embrace the historical significance and uniqueness of Indian sarees with Drapemall! 

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