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  • 31/10/2023

10 Tips to Maintain the Gloss of Your Kanjivaram Silk Saree

Kanjivaram silk sarees, the epitome of South Indian elegance and grace. These handcrafted masterpieces boast a legacy dating back centuries and continue to turn women at weddings and important functions worldwide into royalty. The rich silk fabric intricately woven to perfection is what makes a Kanjivaram saree a timeless treasure every woman should possess. 

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that a woman’s saree collection is incomplete with at least one Pure Kanjivaram silk saree. From Bollywood stars to Political figures, every woman has a thing for these classics. From Rekha, to Madhuri, to Anushka and Deepika, all the women who’re a symbol of dressing classy and being head-turners, can be seen flaunting their Kanjivaram Silk Saree at multiple events.

The shine and durability of Kanjivaram silk sarees have made them extremely popular worldwide. The royal of these sarees is such that every bride dreams of having one in her closet for the big day. And every bridesmaid wants one to be a stunner.

Yes, Kanjivaram silk is durable, but it does require a lot of extra care and maintenance. One needs to be mindful of how they can handle their favorite saree. Of course finding the perfect Kanjivaram Silk saree that speaks to your personality is a little tricky, but keeping it in its prime condition is a different ball-game altogether. 

But don’t worry, we’re here with some nifty tricks and tips on how to maintain your Kanjivaram silk saree. From storing your precious Kanjivarams to cleaning them, here's 10 things you must do in order to keep your saree looking as good as new for a long, long time.

1. Fold with Care: The first secret to preserving your Kanjivaram silk sarees is to fold it carefully. Try to always fold the Zari inwards and gently. This not only keeps the intricately woven threads intact, but also protects the shine and glow of the saree.

2. Store It Right: Storing a Kanjivaram Silk with any other type of Saree fabric is a recipe for disaster. Be it cotton, satin or even any other silk, it is always advisable to wrap it in muslin cloth, and keep it separate to ensure longevity. Say no to plastic – muslin wrapping is the right way to go. Of course it is an added expense, but it can’t be too much for your favorite Saree, is it? 

3. Spread that Neem Leaves Magic: Another huge no-no is naphthalene balls. We know, we know, that’s what our grandma’s have done all their lives, that doesn’t make it right. Plus, why use chemicals when there is a natural solution right in the garden near you? Keep your Kanjivaram sarees safe from moths by simply storing them with leaves from a Neem tree. 

If your storage area is prone to fungus buildup, you can also throw in a couple of silica gel pouches. But steer clear of any other chemical forms of preservation formulas if you want your Kanjivaram Sarees to survive.

4. Dry-Cleaning Delight: Like every other delicate fabric, even for Kanjivaram silk, dry cleaning is the right way to go. Even with all your care, if by chance your Kanjivaram saree is stained somehow, don;t panic. Just avoid trying traditional desi-solutions at all cost. Get it dry-cleaned ASAP. Don’t try to clean it yourself, as this might worsen the stains. This precious fabric must be handled by skilled hands only.

5. Let It Breathe: Kanjivarams should be aired in the shade, or even within your own room, but never in the sunlight.  Unfold your Kanjivaram saree and change its folding. Doing this once every 3-4 months ensures your beautiful saree is well maintained for a very long time. 

6. Keep It in the Dark: To avoid color fading, store your Kanjivaram Silk sarees in a dark, dry place away from direct sunlight, as it can damage the silk and dull the color. 

7. The Washing Way: Like we mentioned earlier, Dry cleaning is the recommended way to ensure great upkeep of Kanjivaram Sarees. But if you must wash your Kanjivarams at home, remember to use cold water for the first three washes. After that you can start using a little shampoo. Avoid harsh detergents. And don’t even think of bringing that brush near the saree. Wash the saree, sari pallu, and border separately with gentle hands. Machine wash will ruin the saree for good.

8. Soapberries to the Rescue: Soapberries, also known as Sapindu in south India, are a natural, eco-friendly cleaning solution that won't harm the zari work or silk material of your saree. They're a gentle, chemical-free solution for keeping the gloss alive and ensuring a pristine look. 

9. No Wringing: We repeat, Kanjivaram sarees are extremely delicate. Wringing is rough even on the toughest of fabrics, in Kanjivaram silk’s case, the impact is 10x. The fabric will get wrinkled permanently and you’ll end up spoiling your favorite saree. If you feel the need to wring in order to remove excess water, just gently roll it in a dry towel and hang it on a padded hanger for further drying.

10. Gentle Ironing: Although the dry cleaners usually take care of this. In case due to a lack of time, if you need to iron your saree, do so with a layer of cloth on top. Direct ironing might burn the fabric, dull the color or at the very least- take away its sheen.

So, there you have it, ladies, the ultimate guide to keeping your Kanjivaram silk saree looking flawless. Remember, a little care goes a long way in preserving the magic of this exquisite piece of art. 

Follow these simple tips to-the-T, and your Kanjivaram silk saree will remain a sparkling emblem of South Indian elegance, just like those adorning the divas who have created history wearing them.

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